If I Could Go Back In Time: Things I would say to myself…

I turned thirty in June. I tried not to… I wasn’t ready for it. Like death, I’ve known for many years that it would happen, had things I wanted to achieve before it did, but it seemed to sneak up on me and when it did I just wanted to turn back the clock. Morbid? Maybe, but that was my mood.

I’ve dealt with it now… mostly. I’ve done a lot of reflection on my current situation, my future and all the lessons I’ve learned in 30 years on Earth. Still, from the height of three decades, I look back and wish I could tell my past self certain things. They are all equally true, though a few of them might seem contradictory; Continue reading “If I Could Go Back In Time: Things I would say to myself…”

Pimping my Planner on a Budget!

Many of you may know that I have recently moved. In my new country of residence, I have a few friends, some family, but I have lost most of my social and professional network. As a freelancer, this has had a major impact on my income… but then again, who better to face this challenge than the (self-declared) Queen of Frugal Living?

I have found a great deal of joy in planning my days, the routine and the structure of it are crucial to me as I rebuild my career. Continue reading “Pimping my Planner on a Budget!”

Your ‘Nice-Guy’ Card Just Got REVOKED!

You bought her a drink. Watched her bag for her when she went to the ladies’ room. You made polite conversation, scored a few genuine laughs from her and even expressed sincere interest in her hobbies and passions. So why is she casting amorous glances at the guy with the neck tattoo who barely remembers her name? Continue reading “Your ‘Nice-Guy’ Card Just Got REVOKED!”

“Take her to the Pool on the First Date” – Makeup tips to SLAY at the beach this summer…

The weather is fine; you can wear what you want. Your sandals are out and your pedicure is fresh. You’ve shaved all those places the light never hit in winter. Your bikini body is… as good as it’s gonna get. You’re off to the beach! Your skin already has that beachy, flawless, sunkissed goddess glow right? Uhhmmmm…. Maybe not so much.

Thing is, when you look in the mirror, what you see looks nothing like the fantastical creatures crawling out of every magazine, every TV advert and every Instagram post this summer. So what do you do? After all, you can’t wear makeup to the beach, right? Continue reading ““Take her to the Pool on the First Date” – Makeup tips to SLAY at the beach this summer…”

How I Airbrush My Life: on Social Media (and in person)

The digital universe needs an injection of realness. I’ve got the needle. One of the many places where the first half of this year took me was one of deep sadness and loneliness (more on that in another post) and I’m not sad to have closed that chapter. Still, if you’d been following me on social media you would have had no idea. My Instagram in particular would have told you I was living a life of sun, sea and sexy bikinis. My Facebook account has been ripe with my snarky wit and commentary about everything other than my own personal life… as usual.

Only on one day – or to be more precise, on the night of April 11th – did my facade crumble. Continue reading “How I Airbrush My Life: on Social Media (and in person)”

What I’ve had up my sleeve!

Hello Darlings!

If you’ve done a good job of cyber stalking me thus far, you already know about this. If you haven’t been cyber stalking me… you should be ashamed of yourself!

I wanted to come to this platform to share a very special post… Continue reading “What I’ve had up my sleeve!”

April Showers

April is over, and not a day to soon. May has already brought me amazing things!

In honour of the flowers of May, I’m sharing a poem I wrote over a month ago. It was written in sadness. It was written about happiness. It was written in anticipation of this day.

I hope it speaks to you. Continue reading “April Showers”

Blogger’s Block: An imaginary conversation with my readers…

Avid Reader: Whoaaa now. You’re writing another post Joleen? But where have you been all this time?

Joleen: I’ve been around… busy with multiple projects, some of which you’ll hear about really soon!

Avid Reader: So you just got busy and forgot us? You had no time for us anymore? Not impressed Jo… Continue reading “Blogger’s Block: An imaginary conversation with my readers…”


People, your pets are animals. It may FEEL like they are members of the family, but they are not humans, they are animals. Does this mean it’s okay to mistreat them? Absolutely not. Is there any guarantee that if you treat a dog right it will never harm you? Absolutely not.

It’s crazy to me that I even have to say that, but it seems that this isn’t obvious to everyone.

After the hue and cry stemming from suggestions that the dog that recently killed a baby be euthanised, I saw a common thread among animal lovers. Everyone thinks that the dog would never have attacked the baby if it hadn’t been mistreated. They place only blame and zero sympathy at the doorsteps of these parents whose baby was not much more than a newborn. (Seriously, what is the world coming to?) But they aren’t saying the couple were irresponsible parents: Nooooo….. they say they were irresponsible PET OWNERS.

Continue reading “Your PET is NOT a PERSON!”

Are Black Women too Sensitive?

My answer to that question is ‘yes’. That’s it… You can stop reading now, but I’m sure you want me to qualify that statement.

Currently there is justifiable uproar at the casting of Zoe Saldana to portray the iconic Nina Simone. This is understandable, if you could see life from the perspective of a black woman, but not everyone can. What’s worse is that there is uproar about so many things in the black community that we can often find ourselves cast aside as melodramatic, oversensitive drama queens. So how can we tell when outrage is warranted and when it’s an overreaction? Continue reading “Are Black Women too Sensitive?”